Engine Shop

Our work on cool engines, both classic and high performance.

This is a new motor build for bruce, it’s a balanced and blueprinted engine with a barn-find patina finish.

This build was extremely challenging. The poor condition of the cylinder heads made for a lot of work. It took ~6hrs of welding, grinding, and machining to save the heads. All of the mounting tabs were broken, and there were cracks in the exhaust ports. Numerous fins were missing, and the cam cover was chrome plated – which needed to be undone. We chemically aged it to help match it to the rest of the engine.

This is a period bobber that we’re building for Rob, classic of the bobbers of the 50’s and 60’s. Real engine, transmission, and lots of genuine Harley parts to his specifications. This is the year he was born, so it’s special project for him.

This is to be a 1955 bobber, as if someone built it in 61 or 62.

And after the engine build: