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This 1940 Flathead UL motor used to belong to a good friend of ours, Robert Dail.  He purchased it in 1970.  We originally re-built the engine in 1971.  It changed hands a few times and we were able to buy it back and are now rebuilding it again 40+ years later.  Here are some photos of the finished motor and a video of the initial start-up on our run-stand.


We continue to work on Dennis’ Indian.  Here are more photos as the project progresses. The sheet metal is currently at the painter and we will update the website when it comes together. The rest of Dennis’s story can be seen herehere and here.

Here is Scott’s completed “old school” chopper project.  He has owned this bike for many years and wanted it restored to its original look.  It is the same color as it was in the ’70s and has all its original parts.  To see the initial engine run click here.