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Posts of things laying around that we find interesting.

We are proud to be a new distributor for Edlund Frames, a fourth-generation Swedish blacksmith studio that’s dedicated to making vintage Harley frames they way they are meant to be.

We have been using these frames for over 25 years without issue, and are proud to be embarking on this new endeavor with them. Frames for knuckleheads, panheads, and shovels are available. Custom frames can also be fabricated to your exact specifications.

Call or email us for pricing.

This is the other Kuncklehead that Highway Choppers is working on.  The motor is done and now they are working on the chassis.

This 1947 EL was purchased by that the owners of Highway Choppers in 1988.  As you can tell from the run-stand video of the motor start-up, they have been working on this personal project for many years.  While working on it in between daily customers’ work and other restorations, they were finally able to completely restore it. They are currently working on restoring a second one, a 1947 FL.



We did one final run-stand test before our customer picked up his Drake motor.  What made this run so special was the custom run-stand that was built by Highway Choppers specifically for this motor.  The customer plans to display it in his Harley Davidson dealership showroom in Pennsylvania.  This was a fun project for us and we are pleased that the customer was happy with it.

To read more about this Drake motor click here and here.


We did some repairs on some JD gas tanks.  Here is the before and after some metal work was done on them.  They were in bad shape when we got them.  We had to cut them apart to straighten them.