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We did some repairs on some JD gas tanks.  Here is the before and after some metal work was done on them.  They were in bad shape when we got them.  We had to cut them apart to straighten them.

Some photos of a valve job being done on a JD cylinder.

These cases were brought to us severely broken, and the customer wanted to save them.  We have the capability of repairing these cases almost as if they were new.  As you can see from the pictures, the top part of the case was broken completely off.  In order to repair them, we fit them back together and dovetail ground all the cracks.  Then we proceeded to weld the case back together.  Early Harley cases are extremely difficult to weld due to the quality of aluminum used in the castings.  We have a very talented certified welder, in house, that makes it look easy.  Once the cases were repaired, we fit both case halves together and finished alining all surfaces such as motor mounts and cylinder deck.  Once the machine work was complete, we went back and refinished the surface to give it a factory original look.

Here are some before and after photos.