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This is Buddy’s 1947 Knucklehead restoration that we completed.  This is one of several motorcycles that we have restored or worked on for Buddy.  We worked on this project for about two years off and on between other projects for Buddy and other customers.  The bike is painted Skyway Blue (one of three original colors offered that year).  We were very pleased with the way it turned out, as was Buddy.

Below is a video of one of the initial tests we did on the engine on our run-stand.

We test ride our bike projects several times before the customer picks it up.



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The Tale of a Knucklehead
By Denny McLain
June 15th, 2008 Father’s Day

I hadn’t really thought about writing something like this but early on in the restoration process with the Harley it was strongly suggested by Dave at Highway Choppers. He said getting the bike fixed back up was only half of my responsibility. I owed it to the bike and to the family to write down everything that I could remember about growing up with it. That way, long after I’m gone there’s still a connection to the family. Along the way each member of the family that takes on the responsibility to care for the bike will add their own pages to the story. They’ll add their own pictures and maintain the history.  Continue Reading

The story of two best friends and a very special1939 Harley-Davidson 61 OHV knucklehead.

Written by Randy D. Lowery, son of Robert Lee Lowery and current 1939 Harley caretaker.

This ’39 Harley started life as a police motorcycle. It was sold to the California highway patrol through Dudley Perkins Co. in San Francisco and was in service until 1946 . After World War II , the highway patrol updated it’s fleet, with the Harley being transferred to the Eureka police department in northern California.

In 1948, Lee Wally Shields Jr. was a motorcycle mechanic working at the local Harley shop that was supplying new bikes to the Eureka police department. He bought the bike in late 1948 in fairly rough condition. With limited funds, he did a custom paint job ( black with yellow scallops), removed the front fender and crash bar, removed the back section of the rear fender, changed the handle bars and relocated the license plate and rear lighting.
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