Nothing prettier than a freshly rebuilt pan head in a shiny black frame.

The transmission is being built and we’ll update with photos once it’s done. We’re also doing an electric starter for this build with an old-style primary.

Some updates on the 60, the chassis is all done and it’s now a ‘roller.

Paint is in the paint shop, it’s going to be hi-fi turquoise and birch. This was a very rare optional color from the factory. Big thanks to Tillman who loaned us some original Harley sheetmetal in this color – we were able to color match against some original 1965 pieces. We removed a few parts to match against a place that the sun has never shown.

A customer tore this bike down 15 years ago by a customer of ours, who had us rebuild the engine, tranmission, and quite a few components.

But after that the project stalled for a decade and a half.

Through a twist of fate, the bike is now back in our hands where we’ve pulled it out of mothball and are now setting off to restore the motorcycle.

It’s time this bike was back together and out there being enojoyed.

More updates to come.

Randy’s 4.5” stroke, 84ci Pannhead – note the early S&S flywheels
Check ball seat and pressure seat re-ground. New springs and check ball spring set @ 1.25lbs
New cam and pinion bushings installed and line reamed
Inner cam bushing being line reamed
Outer pinion bushing reaming process
Internal case painting helps to keep oil clean and prevents leaks through porous aluminum cases. Notice the bean-pot floatbowl in the background. It gives you more fuel, but they are very rare.
Degreeing the breather window for extra stroke
Notice above the cam the square breather hole to increase the internal breathing of the engine for the new stroke.
Final fitting of all cam chest gears for final pitch diameter
Randy’s stroker Panhead on the runstand sporting its new high-heat black coating with chrome details.

Didn’t have time to start it up this week, ran outta time – but hoping to get it started early next week and film a video of the process.