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This motor came to us a couple of years ago and the customer, who is from Alaska, wanted to rebuild just the lower-end.  After completing the lower-end, the customer took it home and installed the heads.  Several years later, after completing the motor, he called to request that we do a motor start-up on our motor run stand.  He was happy that it went well.


This was the initial engine start-up for Scott’s Panhead.  We have already rebuilt the transmission.  The original rigid frame has been “old-school” molded with all the original tabs on it and painted bright orange.  This will be a complete old-school chopper build in the end.  We will continue to post updates.  Stay tuned.  But for now, enjoy the run video.

This bike was brought to us as a Pan/Shovel.  The customer wanted to convert it back to a Panhead engine.  We pulled the engine and completely balanced and blueprinted it with a Panhead topend instead of a Shovelhead.  After running it on the run-stand and making sure everything was in working order, we installed it back into the chassie.