Bill Rodencal Visits Highway Choppers

A couple of weeks ago Bill Rodencal, the head Restorer/Conservator at Harley Davidson, called and asked if he could visit our shop while he was in town on his family vacation.  He stopped by on a Tuesday and visited for about two hours.  We talked about all kinds of Harley and Indian motorcycles.  We were thrilled and honored to have such an expert in the field spend time both chatting with us and checking out some of our current restoration projects.  The following Saturday, we took a ride to Cave Creek, Arizona and met him for lunch.  We had a great time and look forward to his next visit.  Thanks, Bill, for visiting.  

IMG_0181Ken (left), Dave (center), and Bill (right)

One thought on “Bill Rodencal Visits Highway Choppers

  1. Bill Rodencal

    The honor was all mine guys! It was great to hang with two real legends in the business!

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